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It's February When?

Updated: Feb 1

I feel like I was *just* starting a new writing routine that was supposed to begin...oh, right, a few weeks ago.

It's a funny thing, and something I've been thinking a lot about lately: I actually kind of did get my childhood dream of becoming a writer and sharing information with an audience.

But my childhood dream of being a writer looked a little different and was definitely more lo-fi in my vision of the future.

Like filling bookshelves or magazines, not web pages and marketing collateral and Instagram. I've worked on mostly digital content in written and visual form for over the last 20+ years and I love what I do! But without a daily creative writing practice, I'm kinda just...working. I've been planning content schedules for so many years at this point it's second nature, but to get back into the flow of even sitting down to write like this is proving challenging on a Monday morning, spontaneous.

I have absolutely prioritized perfectly-planned content that I put out into the public space previously and this is the year for my stuff where I must say, "Eff it". I've been interacting with the Internet for so long at this point and I need my self-expression back even if it doesn't look good on Instagram, sorry, Meta. I have learned a lot about my process of creation having worked pretty independently for a chunk of my professional life.

That's been a cool thing to look back on as I approach a new chapter in my life. I am going to start doing more with sharing on my Lucalito YouTube Channel but I don't know what that looks like for me yet. I've just started working on stuff that's one part satire, and one part showing my process and that's been fun! I do know that certain parts will be vlogtastic because I have some keyword-happy things happening in my life right now: Swedish Death Cleaning Minimalist Moving

Commercial Real Estate Remote Work Life Bleisure Travel

I don't plan to talk about in-depth work stuff on Lucalito. I do know I will be talking about work stuff on the Create More Club app. I am currently testing two mobile app builder platforms and will be moving forward with one of 'em soon. Currently, Create More Club is available as a web community while I keep hammering away at the features and content. There is a very lean version in the Play Store, but there's not much going on in there as I continue to experiment with it.

I am really looking forward to having both versions of Create More Club available with the full content finalized. I love that I get to write, design, and produce content as my steady job for many years over. But this year, I have to get a bit better making that time to write for myself. I am making it a point to try and start and end my weeks by writing here, if not for anyone else, but to document my time exploring my creativity over this year. 🖤 If you want to watch me #createinpublic, here is where you can follow:

Luca on Twitter Lucalito on YouTube Luca on Instagram Lucalito on Instagram Lucalito on Facebook

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