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What I'm (Fun) Working On: November 2022

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

I am embarked: My posts on this channel will be more frequent and less formal as I board the Create In Public train. This is all a work in progress. If you want to watch the behind-the-scenes of my builds, art, and research rabbit holes, join me on Spaces by Wix!

Behold, My Fun Work!

I am working on a few "fun" projects, meaning I am throwing my heart into 'em with the anticipation of future rewards, be it monetization or simply just gaining experience in working with the platform/tool/app. Why I instigate a mountain of work for myself and call it fun:

  1. I really enjoy trying out new digital products for fun

  2. I then can show other creative business owners how to use the products I work with and I enjoy teaching

  3. All of the digital products I am building are little seeds being planted for my financial and professional future if I take care of 'em

Current Fun Work Projects

These are self-initiated projects that I have embarked on over the last year:

  • Cats Go Fetch

  • CMS: WordPress, Theme: Bimber

  • Current Monetization Streams: Amazon Affiliates

  • Future Monetization Streams: Google AdSense, direct advertising sales on the website, social media channels, sponsored content

  • Why It's Fun Work: I'm building it for my cat!

  • Create More Club

  • CMS: Wix Editor X

  • Digital Products: Landing Page, Wix Branded Mobile App

  • Current Monetization Streams: None!

  • Future Monetization Streams: Community membership, brand partnerships, sponsored content, social channels

Future Fun Work

I am eager to start building out more fun digital stuff over the next three months, including:

  • Podcast/Vlogcast?

  • Why I still don't have one: Lack of "the right equipment", lack of experience, and...I got the yips

  • I'm eager to try and tackle this again with better tech, a fresh perspective, and a little help from my friends

  • Steaming Channels for Select Projects

  • Building on Vimeo OTT

  • Distribution: Apple iOS, Android, Apple TV, AndroidTV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Tizen, and Xbox apps

  • Artist Trading Cards & Boxed Card Sets

  • Skills utilized: Creative direction, graphic design, campaign management, B2C

  • Digital Add-Ons: NFTs, AR filters

  • "A Sunshine State"

  • Is it a book? Is it a web series? Is it a pipe dream?

  • It's looking like a semi-autobiographical story but I don't have experience writing this kinda thing

  • Infographics: Representing the Quantified Selfie Project through the majesty of beautiful design (maybe a future art show)

Current Goals

  • One of my goals was to share a video to honor my grandfather this year, and I did hit that goal this month in time for Alzheimer's Awareness Month

  • Launch Grandma's web store in time for her craft show and the holidays

  • Launch a satire site that will feature some of Grandma's projects so that I can create funny content for Lucalito

  • Pump out more content on Creative Enabler; I recently revamped and it's been a whole thing!

Books I'm Currently Reading

Want to read along with me? Introduce yourself and I'll send a link when I get the mobile app together.

Books I'm Going To Read/Listen To

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