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Marked Safe In Hurricane Nicole

My boundaries, though? Not so safe, or sustainable.

There is a really interesting human on Facebook that I am "friends" with, the way you meet folks online when they comment on one of your IRL friends' posts and you friend a friend in common that is uncommonly candid, introspective, and interesting. Another interesting human hit my radar from the aforementioned friend-of-a-friend:

I am not a lawyer (and I don't even play one on IG), but I got so much out of this free crash course on developing boundaries for a less stressful professional life. Takeaways from Olivia's free webinar on boundary-setting:

Follow Olivia Vizachero for more: Website Twitter Facebook


I may have boundary problems, but I am working on boundary solutions! Thank you, Aaron, for introducing me to Olivia's brand of self-empowerment and self-improvement.

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